Caring For The People And Helping The Poor

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Spring Festival is about to pass, in order to promote the Chinese "economic hardship, the traditional virtues of the elderly, handicap, help the disabled, so that the disadvantaged groups, special hardship families can be happy to celebrate the year, the spirit of" care for the people, help the poor, "the purpose of the Lucheng District charity in February at the Rui Hing Grand Hotel hosted a" Charity Feast "Activities, Invited Lucheng District disadvantaged groups and special hardship families to dinner. and send them a new Year's red envelopes to express our condolences. Wenzhou Yi Jie technology company leader Cai Shanjie attended the dinner.

Lucheng District Charitable Association has held "charity year Feast" activities for several consecutive years, the association said that it will continue to hold such activities in the future, so that more vulnerable groups, special hardship families receive social care.

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