China Yi Jie Quality Declaration Of Good Faith

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Recently, the three sides of the enterprise nationwide "price reduction trend", serious harm to the interests of the vast number of users, the production of three face to face production difficulties, product quality crisis, such as a series of destabilizing factors passed on to the customer. In order to protect the interests of users and the community, and promote the healthy development of the industry, the three sides of the leading production enterprises must be strong together to do a good job of three-face market model leading image.

Yeago million Jie solemn commitment: Depending on the quality of life, in good faith as a fundamental, and effectively assume the product quality and safety of the first responsible person's mission to fulfill social responsibility. We will further strengthen the three-side product safety management, do a good job in the production and marketing interface, establish a fast track, reduce intermediate links, share production and marketing information, and constantly improve the long-term mechanism to jointly protect the user's vital interests and social security.

Yeago million Jie solemn commitment:

(a) strict into the factory, resolutely eliminate unqualified raw materials into the production chain.

(ii) Strict production clearance, in accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations of the standard organization of production, to ensure scientific and reasonable process, strict production process standards, and constantly improve product quality traceability system;

(iii) Strict factory clearance, strict quality inspection, the establishment of responsibility system, the Factory products batch inspection, to ensure compliance with industry quality standards;

(four) strictly fulfill the product quality responsibility, carry on the recall system to the serious unqualified product, to the related production line complete production to rectify;

(v) Strict implementation of the warranty system, receive quality complaints quickly processing (24 hours to start)

Yeago billion will strictly abide by laws, regulations and regulations, consciously implement national standards and industry standards, to eliminate malicious low-cost dumping and arbitrary gouging behavior, to the actual action to hand over a three of the country to turn over the user satisfaction of the answer!

Welcome to the national peer supervision!

Yeago billion



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