Million Jie Recruitment

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Product Marketing Representative

Job Responsibilities

Expand the market at home and abroad, develop, maintain and expand customers at home and abroad;


1. College education, English level 4 or above, have good listening, speaking, reading, writing ability, oral fluency.

2. More than one year of export business development work experience, familiar with import and export process, can separate orders, have a strong ability to develop customers.

3. Good conduct, strong sense of responsibility, cheerful personality, have a strong communication skills and teamwork spirit. The company provides a good business-to-business platform and exhibition platform.

4. Familiar with foreign trade operation process and related laws and regulations, with trade field expertise;

5. Customer resource preferred.                                

Media Business Representative

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the company's existing advantages of the resources of sales, market development work, promote all types of advertising business;

2. Implement, perfect after-sale service, exploit latent market resources, maintain existing customers;

3. Do the relevant sales work, complete the company's work plan.


1. Advertising, marketing Professional college and above education, experienced conditions can be relaxed;

2. Familiar with advertising companies and print media advertising operating rules;

3. Good image, strong interpersonal communication, language expression, adaptability and adaptability, ability to learn;

4. With strong customer development awareness, can independently develop customers, enthusiasm, strong affinity;

5. Has the customer resources or the good social relations person, has the driver's license, the English proficiency is preferred

Animation designer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the video production of audio-visual products, post-production and packaging.

2. In accordance with the standards required to complete the late editing and synthesis work to ensure product quality.                    


1. Has a good art skills, artistic accomplishment and strong film and television packaging capabilities, film and television clips, film and TV packaging, radio and video editing and other related arts majors.

2. More than one year (including) film post-production packaging production experience.

3. Familiar with corporate promotional films and other related film and television production process, can independently complete the work of the concept, layout, direction, packaging work.

4. Proficient in non-linear editing, post synthesis, music and audio subtitles, stunts and other techniques.

5. Proficient in one or several post-production software (Photoshop, 3D, affter effects, Maya and other software), familiar with the operation of film and television production of hardware equipment.

6. The technology is exquisite, the work is earnest, bears hardships and stands hard, has the team cooperation spirit.

Graphic designer

Job Responsibilities:

Product advertising, corporate image, website design, etc.


1, art, graphic design, advertising and other related majors, secondary school education;

2, more than 2 years relevant work experience, can independently complete design projects, familiar with prepress production, understanding of post-production process, such as printing common sense

3, proficiency in the use of design software: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Coreidraw and other graphic design software.

4, has the Good Art Foundation, has the strong esthetic and the creative design ability, the overall layout ability and the color sense is good.

5, a strong sense of color, aesthetic and creative ability to work to pursue perfection;

6. Be able to finish the work efficiently, have the hardworking, team work, customer first spirit of struggle

7, understand website design, computer hardware and network maintenance is preferred.

Technical Director

Job Responsibilities:

1, the new product Hydraulic/electrical system design, the batch product improvement consummation work;

2, participate in key technology research and development;

3, the development of new technologies, new materials, the structure of the application, improve product quality, and do a good job of reducing the efficiency;

4, the company's relevant departments to provide technical support and technical services.


1, Bachelor degree or above, majored in Mechatronics or engineering machinery or related;

2. Two years working experience in mechanical manufacturing industry. Can independently complete the engineering machinery Hydraulic/electrical system design and development. Familiar with equipment processing technology, familiar with non-standard equipment pricing method, familiar with mechanical equipment raw material price. Have relevant post certificate, have rich experience in mechanical equipment operation, management, repair, serious and responsible for work.

3. Working experience in the industry is preferred

Computer Equipment Technician

Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for maintenance and maintenance of computer software and hardware, more than one year working experience.

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