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- Jan 11, 2018 -

Yiwu Fair 2009

China Yiwu International Commodities Fair ("Yi Bo") is the only approved by the State Council of consumer goods such as international exhibition. Its predecessor is China Yiwu Small Commodity Exposition, founded in 1995, from 2002 onwards to be promoted by the National Ministry of Commerce to participate in the international exhibition sponsored. To "Face the world, serve the country" for the purpose of expanding the export of commodities, promote small commodity manufacturing, promoting regional economic development has played a positive role in promoting.

Yiwu Fair has become the most large-scale, the most influential, most effective consumer goods exhibition, is held by the Ministry of Commerce after the Canton Fair, China Fair after the third largest exhibition, 2006 China's top ten most influential brand exhibition, 2007 China (exhibition effect) the best exhibition award, 2007 China Yangtze River Delta region Quality Exhibition project, the 30 anniversary of the reform and opening-up of 30 China's most watched exhibition.

Yi Jie led advertising car as the opening ceremony of the 2009 expo, set up in the entrance to the museum, particularly eye-catching, to "new, strange, special" way to attract customers to achieve the most direct way of publicity.



Wenzhou Auto Show 2009

The annual Wenzhou Auto Show opened in Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on April 09, 2009. 5 Exhibition hall, 38000 square meters area, more than 80 automobile brand participation, more than 500 new models of the same Taiwan exhibition, expanding the expansion of luxury cars, making this Wenzhou auto exhibition become Zhejiang's largest auto exhibition.


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Exhibition Guangzhou Ad 2009

SIGN China 2010 Exhibitors 806, exhibition area of more than 80,000 square meters, a total of 40499 visitors to the domestic professional audience, 5516 overseas professional audience, covering the five continents, more than 115 countries and regions. From Spain, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Italy, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Australia, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan and many other overseas units to visit the procurement.

On-site exhibitors have launched the new Year's most advanced technology and products, so quiet nearly a year of advertising in the field of climax. The number of viewers, covering a wide range of areas, professional degree of high, by the industry as the global advertising production equipment Industry "Oscar" annual event.

Yi Jie Vision 2010 new LED mobile advertising vehicle in Guangdong International Advertising Exhibition (Guangzhou Import and Export Fair Pazhou Exhibition Center zone B; Time: March 2, 2010-5th) The exhibition caused a stir.


Wenzhou Auto Show 2010

The eighth session of Wenzhou Auto Show held in Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 8, 2010 to 11th, exhibition area of 38000 square meters, gathered more than 80 car brands, more than 500 new models of the same Taiwan exhibition, this auto show to "new energy" to lead the fashion as the theme, response to the trend of green economy, Driving China's automotive industry innovation. April Wenzhou Auto Show has become recognized as the annual car industry event, but also to Wenzhou City external image display of the "festival." All units for the development of auto show and urban traffic are concerned about, in this auto show, Wenzhou Civilization Office, Wenzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau traffic Police Detachment jointly hosted the "Civilized traffic from my start" large-scale public welfare activities, is intended to promote public attention to traffic safety, civilized travel.

Billion Jie vision of the latest products-billion led advertising car V8 series trend of fashion profile, high-definition Bright video sparked the audience, leading the modern urban outdoor advertising into the fashion, dynamic and technology integration of the perfect realm.


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Commemorate Ouhai 2010

July 1, 2010, in order to celebrate the 89 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, extensive development of national defense Spirit Education, deepen the socialist core value system education, give full play to Wu Tian Leading role, guide the majority of party members and cadres to further enhance patriotic patriotism, promote hard work, positive and enterprising tradition, Arouse the enthusiasm and creativity of cadres and workers in building civilization Wu Tian. Ouhai Wu Tian Street commemorate the 89 anniversary of the founding of "Red May, Service Month" large-scale educational activities in Wu Tian Cultural Park to start. Wu Tian Street leadership and the urban leadership of the relevant personnel attended the initiation ceremony.

Billion-Jie led advertising vehicle in the event to play an important role in the national Day celebration of the People's Liberation Army Sassou Vivid, loud and songs resounded from the sky; To educate party cadres to maintain and practise political firmness, the purity of morality, the advancement of behavior, the innovation in work, the pragmatic style of work in style, the better understanding of party members and cadres in the spirit of party building, and pride and pride in the achievements of the people of Wu Tian in different periods, And can further promote the party building spirit, carry forward revolutionary tradition, adhere to the leadership of the party, hard work, forge ahead.



The 18th Shanghai Int'l Ad&Sign Technology&Equipment Exhibition 2010

Exhibition Time: July 2010 7-10th

Venue: China Shanghai New International Expo Center (No. No. 2345 Longyang Road)

Organization: Expo Group Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Company (China's first through the ISO9000 Quality System certification of exhibition Enterprises)

Shanghai Advertising Association

Shanghai Advertising Equipment Supplier Association

Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition (AD and Sign Expo)---the first brand in China and even the world's advertising label industry

After more than 17 years of cultivation and development, Shanghai International Advertising Technology Equipment Exhibition ("Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition") has become China and even the world's largest advertising industry exhibition, but also the only domestic advertising logo in the field through the UFI International Exhibition Industry association certification brand exhibition. Every July, the world's top advertising industry companies converge on the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Together with you to open an advertising equipment industry good meal feast.

After the "Made in China" has been recognized by the world, the Shanghai World Expo has led to the upgrading of the entire industrial structure in China. "Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition" has maintained its consistent "internationalization, brand, specialization" characteristics, adhering to the "leading Chinese advertising technology equipment market and global well-known enterprises powerful dialogue, the achievement of your advertising business," the purpose, through the 17-year brand development and growth, has been in the advertising equipment industry, access to very high praise and great support, Become a "new beacon" in the same trade exhibition.

Billion-Jie led advertising car for the exhibition provides a full live live broadcast, as well as advertising spots. To advance the design, excellent product quality, to ensure the smooth development of the exhibition, a successful conclusion, and again verified the billion products for high-end users of the excellent strength.

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Charity 2010

"Wenzhou business newspaper" August 30, 2010 第01-02 version: Wenzhou Commercial newspaper 10 anniversary of the special planning

Yesterday, by this newspaper, the City Charitable Association and the LP5 Organization co-sponsored the "Thanksgiving Society, Assistance orphans" large-scale charity benefit activities held in the city's song Tai Square. At this point, by the newspaper launched by the "Hundred love people to support hundreds of orphans" activities painted a complete conclusion. This event, a total of 400,000 yuan to raise money, will be all used for the city's orphans rescue.

7:00 the event has not yet started, many people have been waiting in the Pine Station Square. The scene of Wenzhou billion Technology Co., Ltd. provided by the equivalent of 30 48-inch LCD TV large LED screen advertising car, continuous scrolling pictures of orphans, these by the reporter in the orphan home captured the real lens, attracted a lot of eyeballs.




Guangzhou New Ideas Advertising Communication Co., Ltd., founded in April 2003. Since its inception, has been focused on outdoor media operations and large-scale activities planning, outdoor LED network. After more than seven years of development, the company honed an outstanding professional team, forming a foothold in Guangzhou radiation Pearl River Delta cross-sectoral, cross-regional integrated service system, its outdoor media delivery and large-scale public relations activities planning, outdoor LED media and other service projects won praise and recommended by customers. In the industry has a wide range of good Word-of-mouth, is Guangzhou Advertising Association, one of the member units. In the next five years, the company plans to expand its business from South China to the country's main one or two-line cities, to truly achieve nationwide network coverage, from the region to the national expansion, to become the country's similar advertising company leaders.

April 2010, the new Idea clock has been purchased a domestic similar products under the premise, after the on-site observation and observation, after repeated deliberation, compared with the original product of the deficiencies, combined with the advantages of billion products; on billion Jie to put forward pertinent suggestions and valuable advice, finally selected billion masterpiece as a deep partner, Fully explained billion brand in product features, cost-effective, as well as after-sales service to obtain senior user identification, to achieve a comprehensive domestic similar products beyond.

New ideas outdoor LED network five selling points to debut:

Government recognition: The first licensed outdoor LED network operators.

Innovative media: Set TV and outdoor big-name traditional media advantages.

Audience high-end: radiation Huadu 85% resident high-end audience.

Coverage: The center of the bustling business circle three-screen, the daily audience of more than 200,000 people.

Cost-effective: The same city media low-cost, value return.

Real case: (Set up time: May 20, 2010)

New ideas Huadu Outdoor led media spots one: Guangzhou Huadou District Xinhua Street Big Run Hair Shopping Plaza

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JILIN 2010

Wang, Jilin Province, environmental Decoration Advertising Co., Ltd., Bss huaxia Wang Decoration Advertising Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, is the first BSS outdoor advertising production release, indoor and outdoor decoration, greening engineering, lighting engineering, urban sculpture, display exhibition project, Ecological gardening project, such as a variety of services as one of the diversified comprehensive Decoration company. Since its inception, in the community's support and help, after years of unremitting efforts, the company's continuous development and growth. More than 10 years of historical continuity makes the company whether the design capacity, construction capacity, management capacity, or after-sales service capacity, are in a higher position. The company has issued by the Ministry of Construction building decoration and decoration professional contract three qualifications.

In contrast to many of the country's similar products, Wang Chairman of the company, Mr. Wang travelled hundreds of miles, carrying his wife on July 1, 2010 to visit the company, carefully observe the production process of advertising vehicles, and the million-Jie led advertising car humanized design, high performance ratio of positive, The same day signed 2 billion-Jie advertising car product purchase and sale contract and with billion-Jie strategic cooperation Alliance, in-depth development provinces market. Wang Company relies on a long history of advertising, rich outdoor advertising resources, strong connections for billion-jie to promote provinces broad market usher in a new take-off for the billion brand to do a strong and bigger to make new contributions.



Jilin Baishan 3200mm*4800mm Two million-Jie led advertising car ready to be ready (Video sync debugging)

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