Original Design What Kind Of Things Are You 2005.11.8

- Jan 11, 2018 -

In September this year, CAI's advertising was commissioned by Wenzhou Academy of Entertainment Co., Ltd. for its outdoor advertising design, but Wenzhou Academy of Entertainment Co., Ltd. after the acquisition of Cai's advertising design manuscript did not agree with Chua's advertising engineering cooperation agreement. In November, Chua's advertisement found that the outdoor advertising graphic design of Wenzhou Academy of Entertainment Co., Ltd. copied Chua's design. Wenzhou Academy of Entertainment Co., Ltd. in the acquisition of Cai's graphic design, without Chua's license to the creative graphic layout of Chua's advertising and advertising language "King K song--oscar" to the external publicity of the outdoor advertising, the behavior has seriously violated the copyright of Cai's ads. and commissioned by the advertising companies in accordance with the Oscar requirements of the design when not to do the necessary duty of care, will Cai's advertising plane pattern layout and advertising language "King K song--oscar" used in advertising, constitutes the infringement of CAI's advertising copyright.

Advertising companies to learn from other people's ideas to enrich and improve their creative advertising is understandable, but in Wenzhou, with the advertising industry intensified competition, this practice was sublimated to another height. Some advertising companies value speed rather than creativity in order to increase business income. Advertising and creativity and image is imitated and plagiarism of the event is not uncommon, more have the lofty ideals to play "success, but also can take a shortcut!" "Hao-yan, openly to the voluminous copy of the experience of packaging into a CD-ROM sales to the original company, let a person dizzy to the extreme." Some people put creative plagiarism behavior euphemistically said to be "according to gourd painting scoop"; Wenzhou "according to gourd painting gourd," The talented people, more than "Painting scoop"! When some of the clients ' designers ravage others ' efforts, even do not make any changes, shameless extreme, an excellent graphic works, from the advertising language to the structure of the picture, even the soup with a full digestion, fully demonstrated its outstanding "copy" class charm; more frightening is that some advertisers don't think it's a plagiarism, Often through a variety of means to obtain the design of strong advertising company's outstanding ideas, the advertising implementation of the business authorized to lower charges of the three-flow company, gently loose to "building a conservation-minded society" a cruel step.

Cai's advertising as one of the few Wenzhou adhere to the original idea of advertising companies, to negotiate advertising business, adhere to the style, the best ideas for customers, suffered countless times by cloning, encounter such an event most can only helpless to knowing laugh. One situation is that the customer's creative imitation of Chua's works, along with Chua's thinking, works seemingly déjà vu, but the difficulty of proving; another kind of situation appears in the long-term cooperation customers there, you can not dissected, can only "copy you, that is to see you!!! "If you don't want to go on a plane, you're not going to get a half a bite," he said.

How far can Wenzhou's advertising companies go in an environment that lacks a binding mechanism?


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