Rapid Traffic Processing

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Two cars on the road after a minor traffic accident, the parties do not have to wait for traffic police to come over or fill out the "self-consultation record",directly with a mobile phone to take a few photos,sent to 10639999 "traffic Accident fast processing MMS Service Platform" ("MMS") can be done. Reporter learned from the City Public Security Bureau, from now on the formal implementation of this approach, can improve the speed of the city to deal with minor accidents.

It is understood that in the future, where the road in the city of Wenzhou did not cause casualties, the parties to the vehicle property losses are under 2000 yuan, or more than one side of the vehicle property loss of more than 2000 yuan but the parties to the accident facts and causes of disputes, can be used "traffic accident fast processing MMS tong"self processing Since April 2010,billion and Wenzhou Public Security Bureau of the Police Detachment advocacy comprehensive,in-depth cooperation, Yi Jie solemn commitment: Wenzhou City, all traffic Police Department of publicity activities can be free to use billion led advertising vehicles. For the traffic safety of Wenzhou billion Jie a modest force



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