Showing The Billboard“no War”in Wenzhou 2003

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Showing the billboard“no war”in wenzhou 2003

The world's high-profile Iraq war has begun, Wenzhou people not only pay attention to this war, but also with practical action to express peace-loving, against war voice. The second day of the war, the city of Wu Tian Avenue, a large commercial billboard was replaced by an anti-war advertising, causing the general public resonance.

Reporters at the scene to see, advertising screen according to Brussels, Belgium, "urine Dongulian" story. Also drew a little boy in the way of peeing on the fuse of the imminent detonation of the bomb story. In the upper-left corner of the billboard, it is very conspicuous that "no war" (meaning not war, refusing war) and "Call for the peace," the words.

The 35-metre-long, 2.5-metre-tall, huge anti-war advertisement was put on the night of March 21. Mr. Cai, the planner, is the head of an advertising agency.

Business Newsletter (reporter Tangxu)

Calling the peace By PSA 2003

As the war in Iraq escalated, the voice of the world calling for peace was rising. Yesterday, the city of Wu Tian Avenue appeared a call for peace public service ads. Cai Shanyong, the manager of Chua's advertising company, who plans to make the ad, said the source of their creative origins is the story of the small hero in Brussels, Belgium, who has been using urine to douse the fire-fighting line and save the city.

Wenzhou Evening News


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