Solemn Statement

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Recently, my company in the three-side turn on the market found in the domestic counterfeit Yeago billion brand appearance of fake three products, a serious infringement of YEAGO billion brand interests; confirmed by the verification, the product from a domestic advertising equipment manufacturers.

Yeago billion brand three turn is the Wenzhou Cai's Advertising Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou Jinrui Technology Co., Ltd. jointly launched high-end technology advertising products, Yeago billion combine their own in the field of science and technology leading advantage and industry characteristics, make full use of advanced countries and regions of scientific and technological achievements and management resources, At the height of the strategy to consider brand building, proudly beyond the domestic industry vicious price competition and product assimilation model, the world's first to launch three-side combined Full-color LED patented products. After years of unremitting efforts, Yeago billion has developed into a world-class brand.

Here we solemnly affirm: Yeago billion products have a number of exclusive patents, infringement companies must immediately stop the violations, we will reserve the right to take further legal measures. At the same time, please all levels of agents and use of units to pay attention to and strengthen supervision, yeago billion of illegal counterfeit products users will be held jointly and severally responsible for reporting units and individuals will be paid accordingly.

Report Hotline:

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Wenzhou Jinrui Technology Co., Ltd.

May 15, 2007

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