Stop Approval, Complete Demolition.

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Stop the approval of the comprehensive demolition of Wenzhou city outdoor advertising industry rolled up to purge the storm

Date: 2011-08-10 15:49:08 from: The Daily income

One day after the New Year's Day, people suddenly found that a "whole city moving, refuse to land activities," the huge public service ads, successively in the Wenzhou urban area of Nanhui Kam Garden Residential buildings and the bustling five-horse street, such as the downtown of the stately hanging out. Careful people find: this public service advertising is a big sentences. and advertising production unit is: Wenzhou Lucheng District City management and administrative law Enforcement Bureau.

Wenzhou Street advertising Chaos, a full of jokes, this shows.

We know the truth: From next year onwards, all kinds of large and small, different specifications, the style of the outdoor billboards will gradually fade out of the local people's vision. At present, under the background of Wenzhou "Liucheng", the largest city demolition in the history of Wenzhou is in progress. The purge storm is sweeping the Wenzhou outdoor advertising industry.

Outdoor advertising companies face survival

Wenzhou city Dirty, violating the construction is everywhere, only Wenzhou Lucheng District has 6.5 million square meters of illegal construction, Wenzhou city image has been criticized by all walks of life. At the beginning of this year, Wenzhou began the largest large-scale demolition of urban illegal construction activities. In the storm, Wenzhou's outdoor advertising industry has also been included in the scope of the dismantling of the rectification.

"We certainly support the city, the regulation of outdoor advertising norms industry development we support more." "Wenzhou Coral Advertising Planning Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhu Xiao said. According to her, at the beginning of the beginning of the early dismantling activities, urban Management Law Enforcement Department issued a notice to various outdoor advertising companies, to the relevant standards, the demolition of about 30% of outdoor billboards. At this time everyone is very cooperation, all think that the outdoor advertising in Wenzhou city is not standard place, after the renovation can be more orderly development.

With the deepening of the Wenzhou dismantling activities, the renovation of outdoor advertising is also strengthening, urban management law enforcement departments of Wenzhou engaged in outdoor advertising business related companies to dismantle 50% of outdoor billboards. These practitioners are beginning to feel the invisible pressure, "we still try to put up with the government, taking into account the great strength of the city's demolition." "One practitioner said so.

But the ensuing breaches left the practitioners with no thought. Last month, the Urban Management Law Enforcement Department issued a rectification notice to them, demanding that by December 31 of this year, they should dismantle all the outdoor billboards that have expired and remove their own timetable, or they will be forcibly dismantled. At the same time, advertising practitioners in the newspaper read: Wenzhou urban areas in principle no longer set up outdoor advertising, only a small number of High-tech wall ads.

Wenzhou Taishan Advertising Co., Ltd. general manager Marifen said: "A paper notice to us to remove all the outdoor billboards, but our site contracts are signed, and customer contracts signed, these are not expired, now suddenly to dismantle this is not to our lives?"

Wenzhou Advertising Association Outdoor Advertising Professional Committee director Xu Jiankang introduced, Wenzhou outdoor advertising started very early in the 90 's into the rapid development period. The Commission's 21 advertising companies, which had a turnover of more than $100 million in 2010, had 485 employees. Now a "one-size-fits-all" makes the outdoor advertising company face a life-and-death problem. Since the dismantling of activities, many of the company's employees have nothing to do, work time playing games.

Approval of expired outdoor advertising all dismantled

Not only these individual sets of outdoor billboards to demolition, those who have been in the relevant departments of special planning and approval of the key areas to be forcibly removed. such as Wenzhou Delivery Group under the Wenzhou major bus stations, Wenzhou Sports Center, Wenzhou airport, Wenzhou railway station, these areas of outdoor advertising has been done in the overall planning, the demolition of the list.

According to the relevant government departments, the demolition of these outdoor billboards are approved to expire.

"According to past practice, Wenzhou's outdoor advertising approval is one year." It was only a matter of time before the government stopped approving all outdoor advertising licences in March, including the expiration of expired renewals. "Wenzhou Black Ant Advertising Co., Ltd. general manager Limpe said.

According to rough statistics, since March, Wenzhou city has dismantled more than 100 large billboards, a total of 10,000 square meters. Most of the billboards will expire before December 31, and only about 200 billboards that can be left until 2012 will be dismantled.

According to the industry, the early outdoor advertising in Wenzhou traffic police departments have participated in the examination and approval, the first to engage in outdoor advertising a group of people and traffic police departments have a variety of contacts. Later, the approval authority moved to the Urban management department. If there's a connection, you can just sit back and wait for the money. This also indirectly caused the Wenzhou current billboard disorderly situation.

Advertising practitioners to set up an outdoor billboard, to provide three years of venue leasing contracts, and customers signed contracts, in order to grant licenses. After the establishment of billboards, the second year is relatively simple, to handle a simple renewal procedures can be. This has been the practice of Wenzhou outdoor advertising industry. This March suddenly stopped the approval, especially after the resumption of the Yaba, nature of the advertising companies have been.

The Government is developing a special regulation of outdoor advertising

As the city Charge department Wenzhou Urban Management and Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, the relevant person in charge in May this year led the Wenzhou Advertising Association outdoor Advertising Professional Committee and other personnel, specifically to Hangzhou to understand the local outdoor advertising regulation. Subsequently, the Bureau drafted the "Wenzhou urban outdoor advertising facilities special renovation implementation plan." The plan proposed, to plan first, standardize management, set up outdoor advertising settings of the three types of areas (prohibit the setting of areas, limit the setting of areas, allow the setting of areas);

However, the programme was eventually not approved for implementation. Wenzhou has also adjusted the work of outdoor advertising, set up a city of civilized office led the rectification offices. Wenzhou Urban Management and Administrative law Enforcement Bureau is no longer responsible for the work.

Wenzhou Civilization Office Deputy Director Lixin introduced, Wenzhou outdoor advertising market development is not standardized, nearly 1/4 of the advertising has not been approved. And now the city in rapid development, now the Wenzhou urban area, whether from the area, or the city positioning is not the same as before, this to the outdoor advertising industry development of course also put forward new requirements. "Now the transformation of the industry, in fact, the advertising industry should also be transformed, the concept of advertising practitioners to change." Now such outdoor print advertising has not adapted to the needs of development, Wenzhou to introduce advanced advertising methods.

According to the introduction, Wenzhou Civilization Office is taking the lead in the development of Wenzhou urban outdoor advertising facilities special rectification implementation plan. At the same time, outdoor advertising planning is also revised, the outdoor advertising site resources will also be unified bidding.

Lixin stressed: "Now the renovation of outdoor advertising, not to the industry to kill, not a ' one-size-fits-all '." Renovation does not mean not to build advertising, Wenzhou will develop a small number of High-tech wall ads to highlight the city's high taste high-grade. ”

Wenzhou Advertising Association Outdoor Advertising Professional Committee that the outdoor advertising should be reasonable regulation, Wenzhou city development and outdoor advertising is not incompatible. In Shanghai Huaihai Road and Xujiahui Business Circle, Tokyo Ginza, New York Manhattan Times Square, Paris Champs Elysees have a lot of quality outdoor advertising, these examples show that as long as the advertising settings and the number of coordination with the city, advertising environment norms and orderly, advertising quality beautiful, it can be a city luster, is a visual enjoyment. In fact, the advertising industry also agreed to dismantle, but must be rational treatment, and the premise is to do a good job planning.

"All the development of LED form of High-tech advertising is not necessarily the most suitable for Wenzhou." First LED advertising must be light pollution. Second, such advertisements have higher requirements for setting up the environment. In addition, from the customer's point of view, not so ads are suitable for the use of High-tech carrier release. "Wenzhou Hongbo Advertising Planning Co., Ltd. General manager Wang Zhenlin's view, representing the consensus of practitioners." "We are not opposed to the development of High-tech advertising, but against all outdoor advertising there is only one face." ”

"If we don't see all kinds of commercial outdoor advertising in Wenzhou next year, is the city still famous for its business? Is it a little less commercial?" A government official has raised such questions about the current renovation of outdoor advertising in Wenzhou. To Hangzhou, a practitioner of outdoor advertising treatment has also raised the question: Hangzhou is three years of renovation has been the appearance of the present, Wenzhou is not gradual, eager to step, is too hasty and rash?

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