The Advantage Of Yi Jie Advertisement Car

- Jan 11, 2018 -


Recently, the 18th session of Shanghai International Advertising Technology and Equipment exhibition held in Shanghai, after 17 years of cultivation and development,Shanghai International Advertising Technology Equipment Exhibition ("Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition") has become China and even the world's largestadvertising logo industry exhibition,It is also the only brand exhibition which is certified by UFI International Exhibition Industry Association in the field of domestic advertising labeling. Every July, the world's top advertising industry enterprises converge on the Shanghai New International Expo Center, opening an advertising equipment industry gluttonous feast. Wenzhou billion-Jie Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition and received a reporter on-site interview.

亿杰广告车之六大优势 给力钜献216.png

Reporter: Xie always hello, this exhibition I was fortunate to see your company's LED advertising car products, this led advertising car looks very eye-catching, how do you think of the development of this product?

Yi Jie spokesperson: Led Full-color display screen is the 1990 's rapid development in the global new information display media, it uses light-emitting diode lattice module or pixel unit composed of large area display screen, combined with microelectronics, optics, computer, information processing and many other modern high-tech, with environmental adaptability, strong, High energy-saving, long life, many changes, the benefits of environmental protection, High-tech tips, such as a series of advantages. LED display screen is not only high brightness, contrast, bright colors, but also can display dynamic picture and text, it active light, high resolution, even in the hundred meters, visual effects and watching TV at home, has been widely used in public places, traffic arteries.

Recently, the well-known advertising companies in the media, the Oriental Pearl Mobile has entered the outdoor led market, but also to show the vitality of the market. In China, according to the National Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association LED Display Branch statistics, 2010 LED display industry sales of about 4 billion yuan, with the accession to the WTO, with the help of the 2008 Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo to bring more eye economy, and the national attention to environmental protection issues such as the impact of a variety of positive factors, LED display in sports, outdoor advertising, transportation and other areas of the market will have a significant increase. Experts predict that: the domestic market led full-color demand growth rate will be as high as 30%.

In addition, China has launched a nationwide campaign to regulate outdoor advertising, a few consecutive years of heavy rectification, reshuffle, outdoor traditional large scale demolition brought about by the development of new media opportunities, outdoor advertising to fine, artistic, billion-jie led advertising car is in this big background of the new technology, new products.

Reporter: Then I also want to ask, this exhibition I saw another one with you do the same products manufacturers are also exhibiting, please introduce your products and what is the difference between them?

Yi Jie spokesperson: I emphasize here to repeat, we are here to reflect the advantages of other domestic similar products do not have the supporting services, we are in a large number of market research and practice summed up the obvious product differences, we billion in advertising equipment production and sales, export trade has been more than 10 years of rich experience, The humanized service of the product has incomparable advantage compared with other enterprises.

亿杰广告车之六大优势 给力钜献1051.png

Six advantages to the great sacrifice

亿杰广告车之六大优势 给力钜献1065.png

Advantage one. Cockpit: Complete vehicle equipped with independent power integration system, independent cockpit

Reporter: Just now I saw opposite that led advertisement car move to change position to rely on 10 people with hand push, very laborious, this feeling is very inconvenient, this is this led advertisement car of a kind of flaw?

Yi Jie spokesperson: First of all, we have created a LED advertising car (trailer) with the impetus of the first, currently in the country is the only one with power, can start the LED advertising trailer products, and does not consume a drop of petrol, low-carbon environmental protection; The whole system has a separate cab, as long as one charge, One can start the ad car to move freely within 10 kilometers, not to mention changing the location and direction of the site. Yes, the LED can be completed when the charging work, very convenient.

亿杰广告车之六大优势 给力钜献1329.png

Advantage two. Security: Equipped with night-driving headlights, turn lights, warning lights

Journalist: As far as we know, the general exhibition and the opening ceremony are carried out late at night, the advertising vehicle from the advertising company Equipment warehouse dragged to the scene can be on the road? Many sections of the country without street lights, drag the night safe?

Yi Jie spokesperson: You ask a very good question, you see, the opposite of this company there is no light around this product, not even a warning light; Obviously, this is a major security risk, in the event of a collision will lead to major traffic accidents; Our led advertising vehicle has put security first in the beginning of research and development, Equipped with night-driving headlights, body turn lights, tail warning lights, as well as reversing voice prompts function, whether day or night, can maximize the safety factor of short distance travel of advertising vehicles.

亿杰广告车之六大优势 给力钜献1611.png

Is the reinforced polymer fiber composite material; to tell you the truth, we have also developed the metal body in the beginning, why the final determination of the higher cost of fiber composite material is also after repeated discussion, we use the enhanced polymer fiber composite material is different from the usual sense of "fiberglass", This new composite material is widely used in aircraft structure, electromagnetic shielding and other electrical materials as well as for the manufacture of rocket shells, motor boats, yachts, super sports cars, industrial robots, automotive leaf springs and drive shafts. Light weight, high strength, under the light impact can be memory recovery shape, and corrosion resistance is very high, to prevent the metal body rust phenomenon.

In addition, because the advertising car live work, distance from the audience, the body shell in the metal in case of leakage, the consequences of unimaginable, fiber composite body is not conductive, it is a good solution to this problem.

Although the enhanced polymer fiber composite materials earlier than the cost of the metal body costs a lot, which involved in the cost is not only a huge cost, but in line with the long-term development of enterprises, standardized production, optimize product services, we still feel that this decision to do very meaningful.

亿杰广告车之六大优势 给力钜献2085.png

Advantage four. Remote control device: Car screen lifting and body fixing device can be remote control

Reporter: This advertisement car's LED screen is so big, rise after the wind resistance performance how? What about a typhoon? Is it safe to park when the road is uneven?

Yi Jie spokesperson: Our advertising car has four independent body fixtures, car screen lift and each fixed leg is through a remote control to complete the take-off and landing, contraction, access to work, or manual start also can be, to the strong wind state of the body fixed to make further security assurances, it is necessary to explain that, This remote control function is also our exclusive advantage, greatly facilitates the user's product convenient operation.

In other words, the significance of the independent fixed leg, relative to the same products of the four fixed legs at the same time telescopic, as a result of a variety of activities on-site Park site complex, in the class such as the poor road conditions such as site parking shows a strong advantage, said the intuitive point is like four-wheel-drive off-road vehicle, each fixed leg can independently adjust height, increase grip.

亿杰广告车之六大优势 给力钜献2412.png

Potential five. Explosion-proof Tires: Full use of solid explosion-proof tires, no leakage, non-slip side

Journalist: Yes, thank you, I personally have been concerned about the problem of tire leakage, or the security of the screen has concerns, for example, on the way to open a leak how to do? In the course of the parking if not sticking out the fixed leg in case of a leak? By common sense, the three tires will become three legs, can hold such a high LED screen?

Yi Jie spokesman: We this V8 all advertising vehicles using solid explosion-proof tires, is standard, explosion-proof tires in the real sense should be called discouraged warranty tires. As the name suggests, the advantage of the tyre is that it can still make the vehicle run hundreds of kilometers within the specified speed or ensure the balance when the car is parked. Although the price of this explosion-proof tyre is generally more expensive. However, compared with the cost of the hundreds of thousands of LED package, this investment is essential.

亿杰广告车之六大优势 给力钜献2718.png

Advantages Six. Anti-Theft measures: The vehicle has four-wheel automatic brake protection system, comprehensive anti-theft

Reporter: The next question, perhaps the most gossip, oh, in the case of no one to care, in the middle of the night will be towed away by the theft group? Above you just said that such a car is worth hundreds of thousands of, hehe.

Yi Jie spokesperson: As for this question, I am very difficult to reply you do absolutely anti-theft, or the old saying "nothing is absolute"; However, we do have specific measures to improve anti-theft, screen body and computer playback equipment are double lock, the biggest bright spot is the vehicle with four-wheel automatic brake protection system, the car has no special key to start, Four tires are brake lock can not rotate, in other words, unless the use of large hoisting equipment, otherwise it is impossible to allow the entire vehicle to move.

Reporter: Thank Shei to accept our interview, your answer is very professional!

Yi Jie spokesperson: Thank you for your interview, your problem is very professional! Welcome to visit Wenzhou, by the way to visit our billion factory!

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