Wang An Environmental Decoration Advertising Co., Ltd. Jilin Province

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Wang an environmental Decoration Advertising Co., Ltd. Jilin Province

Wang Jilin Environmental Decoration Advertising Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, since its inception, in the community's support and help, after years of unremitting efforts to make the company's continuous development and growth.

With the company's development needs, in January 2008, Wang an environmental decoration advertising company in Jilin Province founded the establishment of BSS Huaxia Wang Decoration Advertising Engineering Co. The nature of the company belongs to the limited liability company. More than 10 years of historical continuity makes the company whether the design capacity, construction capacity, management capacity, or after-sales service capacity, are in a higher position. The company has issued by the Ministry of Construction building decoration and decoration professional contract three qualifications.


Company registered capital of 6 million yuan. Wang is the city's first outdoor advertising production and release, indoor and outdoor decoration, greening engineering, lighting engineering, urban sculpture, exhibition exhibition Engineering, ecological gardening project, indoor and outdoor photo printing and other services as one of the diversified comprehensive Decoration company.

After many years of talent training, the company has a strong technical team, the existing staff of 39 people. One has the title of the engineering and economic personnel 16 people, mid-level technical personnel 14 people, three project manager 2 people. Company Design Department of professional supporting complete, by a group of ideological trend of fashion, experienced designers, and mastered the domestic advanced design software application technology, specializes in a variety of architectural solutions and indoor and outdoor decoration design, a variety of space effect map, construction drawing design. To high-quality services, different styles of ideas, classic design to win the praise and trust of users. In the construction organization and management, after years of practice, accumulated a set of successful project management experience. In the after-sales service and maintenance, by the person responsible for 8 hours to arrive at the scene, 24 hours to organize maintenance. Built a wing-solid integrity of the Great Wall.







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