Wenzhou Heng Long Jewelry Plaza Outside The Elevation Of Expert Review And Department Review

- Jan 11, 2018 -

August 4, 2011, Wenzhou henglong Jewelry Plaza Outside the overall decoration engineering expert review and Department review will be held in the Lucheng District Planning Bureau, Lucheng District Planning Bureau, District urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau, District Housing Construction Bureau, District Environmental Protection Bureau leadership, Gold Court room open Chairman Chen, Hang Long Jewelry Plaza Chairman Zhang, Design Unit Cai's advertising creative director Cai Shanyong, engineering construction unit billion Jie technology general manager Cai Shanjie attended the meeting.


Engineering Design Unit--Cai's advertising creative director Cai Shanyong in Wenzhou Heng Long Jewelry Square façade overall decoration project safety first, innovation mainly, the project into High-tech, new materials, technology, unique ideas such as the detailed elaboration.

Heng Long Jewelry square Façade project overall design exquisite elegant, further lay the high-end jewelry plaza, forward-looking and unique, to the environment of harmony-oriented, with excellent design concept as the core. Through satisfying the audience's idea demand, the cultural demand, realizes the value innovation, the creativity, the technology, the product organic perfect combination, fully manifests the elegant outdoor advertisement Palace level charm, truly achieves the art and the market perfect fusion.

Hang Lung Jewelry square façade project for Wenzhou Wall Street-Station Avenue to add a beautiful scenery line for the national advertising industry and decoration industry to provide a valuable reference model.

The leaders of the conference actively spoke and made valuable suggestions and suggestions for the details of the project.


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