Wenzhou Outdoor Advertising Annual Meeting Collection 08

- Jan 11, 2018 -

The outdoor advertising industry, which is called urban fashion, has become more and more large in Wenzhou, with an annual operating volume of 200 million yuan and more exquisite and diverse forms. To standardize the development of the industry, the City Advertising Association Outdoor Professional Committee set up.

Wenzhou Outdoor advertising started in the 80 's, with the deepening development of the market economy, outdoor advertising has infiltrated the city space every corner, in the advertising industry accounted for increasing the proportion of the year to become a number of enterprises to establish brand, sales of products indispensable advertising and marketing methods.

The form of outdoor advertising, also from the beginning of the banner ads, simple metal paint, such as a single form, rapidly evolving to the present has a large area, strong visual impact of the column ads, bus body, and so on, to the present three-turn LED technology, advertising development is still rising trend.


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